Friday, January 29, 2010

Chiropractic Mission to Haiti a Success...More Help Needed

From one of Dr. Sharman's peers:

Recent donations made possible the first post earthquake chiropractic mission trip to Haiti. 

Because of what we experienced, we are planning a succession of trips for continued relief aid, support, and care. We were instrumental in saving many lives and offering relief to those in dire distress. No matter what you see on CNN or any other news outlet, the devastation, suffering, despair and death is far worse than portrayed.

Reaching Haiti was challenging as the infrastructure of the country has been destroyed and with the help of Stepping Stone Ministries, we were able to arrive and render help.

We brought food and five water filtration systems in five different locations to people hadn't had 1 drop of water or food in 6 days. We also brought medical supplies that were critical, yet grossly inadequate.
We brought chiropractic tables and adjusted thousands in ´Tent City" refugee camps around the corner from the Capitol building and in the outlying areas. The next day we ventured into the fields behind the US Embassy where we offered low tech bandaging and wound care in Civil War conditions.

2 of our team worked in the hospitals assisting in amputations and delivering babies. As a result of the lack of accessibility to doctors and medicine, Haiti is becoming a country of amputees and that has to stop.
The people we worked with begged us to not forget them and we will not; we are going back and this time, staying.
We need volunteers serving a few days at a time, so we can staff the effort continually and we need your money to continue to save lives.

We have teamed with Stepping Stone Ministries, an organization recognized by the Haitian Consulate, who are accepting donations on our behalf. Please click below and be very generous, lives depend upon it. Make sure to indicate CHIROPRACTIC when donating, so the money gets to the chiropractic relief mission.

If you have already donated, another $100 will not change your life, it will however, save others

…Thank you …Peter Morgan DC
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